The Investment Adviser qualification deepens the knowledge of financial markets and financial instruments, as well as the taxation of investment operations. The qualification is intended as a continuation of the General Securities qualification.

The requirements for the Investment Adviser qualification partly overlap with those of the General Securities qualification. The qualification requires basic knowledge of all the subject areas covered by the General Securities qualification together with further in-depth knowledge of the same subject areas.

The subject areas of the qualification are same as those for the APV1 qualification:

  1. Economics and financial markets
  2. Corporate finances
  3. Investment products and investing
  4. Regulation of the provision of investment services and the basics of civil law
  5. Taxation of investors and the fundamentals of family and inheritance law

A detailed description of the qualification requirements and introductory material is available on the Aalto EE website.

For whom?

The qualification is primarily intended for those working in challenging managerial, supervisory and customer service roles in the securities market, such as investment advisers and asset managers handling customer relationships. A typical qualified person would work in a private bank or asset management unit, for example.

Scope of qualification: 15 credits (ECTS)