The General Securities qualification provides a comprehensive overview of the investment services sector. The qualification requires broad-based know-how and covers the basics of all key areas of expertise. The General Securities qualification is valued and recognized by the industry as a way of demonstrating know-how in challenging investment service tasks.

The qualification is divided into four subject areas, which are completed simultaneously. An acceptable performance requires mastery of the basics in all subject areas.

The APV1 subject areas are:

  1. Markets, economics, and financial markets
  2. Investment products and invesing
  3. Regulation of the provision of investment services and the basics of civil law
  4. Taxation of investors and the fundamentals of family and inheritance law

A detailed description of the qualification requirements and introductory material is available on the Aalto EE website.

For whom?

The qualification is aimed at all those working in customer service roles within investment services for investment firms, banks, and insurance companies. It can be completed by anyone who is interested in working in the financial services industry as well as those seeking an overview of the activities, services, and products of the securities markets.

Scope of qualification: 12 credits (ECTS)