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The APV CPD Assessment Exam

The financial markets change rapidly and the regulatory demands increase constantly. It is therefore important to continuously update and upkeep the competence of professionals who provide information on investment services and offer investment advice.

In accordance with the guidelines of the European Securities Market Authority, ESMA, those who provide investment advice or information about investment products must verify their competence annually through either an internal or external assessment. Finance Finland recommends that all personnel who work with investment services complete a competency assessment annually. The assessment is an essential part of the self-regulation of the financial industry, which aims to maintain and develop the industry’s appreciation and the high level of expertise of investment service companies.

The APV CPD Assessment Exam is intended for everyone working with customers in investment companies, banks and insurance companies as  the annual assessment of competence.

The assessment can be completed digitally anywhere and anytime in either Finnish or Swedish. Taking the exam is easy and safe in terms of data protection and security in the learning environment of Aalto Executive Education.

Preparatory Training

Participating in the assessment does not require preparation or participation in preparatory training. The principle of an annual assessment of competence is that the exam can be taken with the up-to-date information and competence that is needed in one’s work. However, if you wish, you can review the study material for The APV1 and The APV2 Examinations.

Structure and Content

An exam right can be purchase from the Aalto EE online store. The exam price is 50 EUR (+VAT). The exam must be taken within seven days of purchasing the performance right, but there is no separate exam day for it.

The exam has 20 multiple-choice questions, there are four answer options. The exam time is 35 minutes. All questions must be answered, but only correct answers will be considered. There may be more than one correct answer. 55% correct answers are required to pass the exam.