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Accessibility Statement

Accessibility Statement

This accessibility statement concerns the website of APV-sijoitustutkinnot Oy at

Legal Requirements for the Website

The website must comply with the accessibility requirements mandated by law after the transition period ending on September 23, 2020.

Accessibility Goal for the Website

The goal for the accessibility of digital services on the website is to strive for at least level AA or better according to the WCAG guidelines, if reasonably possible.

Compliance Status

This website meets the critical accessibility requirements set by law according to WCAG v2.1 level AA. Known deficiencies and non-accessible content include:

    1. Some images on the site may lack alternative text on individual pages.
    2. There may be deficiencies in the heading hierarchy on individual pages.
    3. Issues with contrast between background color and text in the site navigation.


Efforts will be made to promptly address the accessibility issues identified as they are discovered.

Access to Information in Accessible Format

Users can request inaccessible content from the website administrator.

APV-sijoitustutkinnot Oy
Atso Andersén

Preparation of Accessibility Statement

This statement was prepared on February 13, 2024.

Accessibility Evaluation

Accessibility has been reviewed through an external expert audit and self-assessment. The evaluation includes automated accessibility checks, manual checks of the website and content, and the use of the Lighthouse Audit open-source tool.

Updating the Accessibility Statement

The website’s accessibility will be maintained through continuous monitoring for changes in technology or content and periodic checks. This statement will be updated in conjunction with the website changes and accessibility reviews.

Reporting Non-Accessible Content

If users believe that accessibility requirements are not being met, they can report this via email to

Requesting Information in Accessible Format

If users find that the content on the site is not accessible, they can request this information via email to, and efforts will be made to respond in a reasonable time.