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General Instructions

Buying An Exam Right

The digital exam system is operated by Aalto Executive Education. Exam rights are purchased from Aalto EE’s online store and paid with online bank credentials or a payment card when ordering.

The exam date, buyer and examiners are defined when purchasing the exam rights. You can thus either buy the exam right for yourself or an organization can acquire them centrally for its employees. With the same order, you can purchase one or several different exams. The right to take an exam must be acquired at least four days before the chosen exam date.

After the purchase, the buyer receives an order confirmation by email. The examiner will receive an email with more detailed exam instructions and a link to study material if it is not publicly available.

Prices for The APV Examinations and Exams 2024

  • The General Securities Examination (APV1) 440€ (+VAT)
  • The Investment Adviser Examination (APV2)  770 € (+VAT)
  • APV2 partial examination 220€ (+VAT) / subject area
  • APV ESG Exam 110€ (+VAT)
  • APV CDP Assessment Exam 50€ (+VAT)

Exam Dates 2024

An exam date is selected when purchasing the exam right.

Next exam days for APV1, APV 2 and APV ESG are 18.4.2024, 16.5.2024, 6.6.2024 and 13.6.2024.

There is no specific exam day for The APV Assessment. It can be completed within seven days of purchasing the exam right.

Taking An Exam

An exam is taken on the selected exam day from your own or the employer’s computer, which must have a working camera and microphone. The examiner must download a DigiExam Client application to their device, which enables a remotely supervised exam. It is good to verify the functionality of the DigiExam Client application on your own device with a test exam 1–2 days before the exam day.

The exam is open on the exam day in the DigiExam Client application, and you can take it at any time between 9 am and 4 pm. The exam date is selected in the online store when purchasing the exam right.

Choose a quiet and undisturbed place for the exam. You must show your ID before the exam. In addition, you may have a pocket calculator, pen and blank paper and a glass of water with you during the exam. Before you answer the first exam question, show the camera that your paper is blank on both sides. The online exam also has a built-in calculator, so your own calculator is not necessary.

If you have mobility restrictions or special needs related to taking the digital exam, please contact before purchasing the exam. You can apply for additional time for the exam by submitting a copy of the certificate for e.g. a reading or learning difficulty. A statement from a special education teacher, psychologist or speech therapist is sufficient to verify the difficulty. The additional time granted depends on the nature and duration of the exam. Additional time must always be requested separately for each exam, including retakes.

After the exam, the examiner will receive a notification in their e-mail about a week later when the exam results can be seen in the DigiExam application. The digital certificate will be delivered within two weeks.