APV Investment Examinations Ltd and Aalto EE organize the APV ESG exam to maintain up-to-date expertise in the investment services industry.

Maintaining the expertise of professionals who provide information on investment services and advice is essential in an ever-changing financial market. After completing the APV ESG exam, you will be able to outline the key aspects of sustainable finance and ESG and their importance in investment activities.

It is good for the examiner to be aware that the industry is evolving rapidly, and the legislative requirements are constantly growing. Continuous industry monitoring is a prerequisite for the successful provision of sustainable investment services to both institutional and retail investors.

For whom?

The APV ESG exam is intended for investment experts who want to maintain and expand their knowledge in sustainable finance. The training is also helpful for others who need a more in-depth understanding of sustainable investment.

Scope of qualification: 1 credit (ECTS)