APV qualifications comprise a system of professional qualifications for the investment service sector; there are two qualifications

APV Structure

The purpose of these qualifications is to harmonize the proficiency requirements applying to persons working in the investment services industry, while facilitating the entry of new persons into the sector. The qualifications are authorized by the Federation of Finnish Financial Services (FFI).

All persons employed in investment service positions by FFI member companies must have completed the General Securities qualification (APV1). It is specifically intended for employees in customer service roles.

The more extensive Investment Adviser qualification (APV2) is intended for persons working in demanding expert advisory positions and management positions – or who supervise investment service tasks – within the investment services industry. The Federation of Finnish Financial Services recommends that persons working in such roles complete the Investment Adviser qualification in addition to the General Securities qualification.

The Finnish APV Investment Examinations Ltd and the Swedish SwedSec Lisenciering AB have a  cooperative agreement on the licensing of the Investment Adviser qualification. The Finnish General Securities qualification is recognized in Sweden and vice versa, which enables the mobility of investment advisers between the two countries.

Maintaining know-how

The Federation of Finnish Financial Services recommends that those holding the qualifications actively maintain and update their know-how. If the qualified person has not worked on tasks relevant to the qualifications for five or more years, the Federation of Finnish Financial Services recommends that the qualification be taken again.

Completion of qualification

APV Investment Examinations Ltd arranges examinations for the APV1 and APV2 qualifications in cooperation with Aalto University Executive Education Ltd (Aalto EE). Further information on completing the qualifications and the examination fees is available on Aalto EE’s website in Finnish.

At the end of 2020

  • 15, 810 people had completed the APV1 qualification and
  • 3, 715 people had completed the APV2 qualification.