APV Investment Examinations Ltd manages and develops know-how in investment services in Finland. It arranges investment qualifications together with Aalto University Executive Education Ltd. The purpose of these qualifications is to harmonize the proficiency requirements applying to persons working in the investment services industry.

The company works in partnership with the Federation of Finnish Financial Services and Aalto University Executive Education Ltd. It is owned by the major banking groups and a number of smaller investment firms (22 shareholders).

The qualification committee maintains and is responsible for the operation of the examination system, and approves updated qualification requirements on an annual basis.

The qualification committee consists of representatives of APV Investment Examinations Ltd, the FFI, Aalto University, Aalto EE, the banks, asset management companies, other major financial institutions and the Financial Supervisory Authority.

The Managing Director is Atso Andersén.

Board Members

  • Petri Simberg, Chair
  • Taina Ahvenjärvi, Federation of Finnish Financial Services
  • Risto Kuoppamäki, Nordea
  • Mikko Vainikainen, Danske Bank
  • Tiina Routamaa, OP
  • Minna Wickholm, Aalto EE

Managing Director Atso Andersén acts as the Secretary for the board.

Qualification Committee

  • Atso Andersén, Chair, APV Investment Examinations Ltd
  • Milja Oksanen, Qualification Committee secretary, Aalto EE
  • Katja Repo, Federation of Finnish Financial Services
  • Kati Illikainen, Aalto EE
  • Vesa Sainio, The Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau FINE
  • Jussi Sokka, S-Bank Ltd
  • Kari Ojala, Danske Bank
  • Tarja Gummerus, Nordea Bank Finland Plc
  • Tiina Routamaa, OP
  • Sari Lounasmeri, Pörssisäätiö
  • Outi Vänni, Lähitapiola Group

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